It was such a pleasure having Ronda as my accountability partner. Her positive attitude and spirit was really refreshing. She provided me with effective tools concerning ways to get my Bible reading completed and strengthen my relationship with God. I am extremely blessed and fortunate to have been able to work with Ronda.

J. Buckner,

Normial, Illinois

One of the closest and most valuable people in my life is my “Prayer Partner” Ronda. There was this one particular day I was in the middle of switching careers after 10yrs. At the time I was very eager to start something new and different, so when I told Ronda about my new opportunity I did not feel her excitement for me and that’s not usually how we connect so I felt there was something wrong. Now if you know Ronda, you know she’s always very polite and respectful so she starts off very slow and says, “well that’s nice KP, but know that sometimes it’s not always what it seems to be & running into something new so quick could just be the devil”. I, of course, insisted it was the best move for me and kept telling her about all the perks. I accepted the job and immediately HATED it! Ronda literally called it without saying it, she wanted to guide me to see what she sees. Her words of wisdom forever made me now look at things deeper than the shiny surface, sometimes even the devil wears gold!
Now if you ask me how has she impacted me through words of wisdom I will give you this story right here and add: She’s guided me in His footsteps through her spiritual guidance”.

K. Payne

Atlanta, Georgia