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Abide Intergrative Services empowers and provides services to women and their families with integrative skills in health, wellness, recovery, and social treatment models for all ages guided by Christian values and culture in a safe environment. We welcome and respect all.


Abide provides Christians and non-Christians with a safe and healthy environment to overcome their barriers and challenges. Specifically, Abide helps women manage their lives with the choice to incorporate Christian values, without fear of religious persecution. Providing them with a variety of choices to take back their lives, and live fruitfully and abundantly.

God is the true source of real-life and fruitfulness. We are only as good as the goodness produced by Him. We are only as good as the life flowing into it and through it, which is only as good as the original vine stock. Other resources that we cling to will fail, but if we are joined to Jesus, we will produce well in character, life, and work. We can do nothing without Him.



Abide understands me as a woman from my mind, body and spiritual needs! I love how Abide incorporates prayer, food, work, and divine counseling all in one!

Ways We Can Serve You

Women's Recovery 

Abide’s substance abuse treatment focuses on women who play significant roles in their family's lives. Abide provides recovery treatment that effectively flows through and around you, treating the whole person including body, emotions, mind, and 



Life coaching helps individuals to look at their life journey and make positive changes for the future. It focuses on self-reflection, self-care, and wellness as a way to achieve results. It is a way of motivating and reflecting on choices from the past. Life coaching services are customized for individuals seeking to improve the quality of their life within a coaching model.


Theronda Myers, LICSW, is a  licensed therapist in diverse clinical training, specialties, and experiences.  She honors helping clients achieve manageable solutions to their problems in a sustainable way through 1:1 sessions.


It’s our hope that our clients can learn and grow together. Many clients learn through building a support network of shared goals, needs, and skills serving as a meaningful and important part of the healing process. We are pleased to offer groups pertaining to women’s needs to help our clients grow spiritually, physically, and mentally. We offer group topics pertaining to but not limited to nutritional and health, recovery, parenting, prayer, financial, and beauty!  


Areas of Our Expertise




sexual abuse



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